Kingsmead Viaduct, Ware- Hetfordshire, (UK)

Today I went for my daily walk and again I heard it: the heartbeat of the bridge. This is Kingsmead Viaduct, a raised dual-carriageway viaduct of the A10 road on the eastern outskirts of Ware, Hertfordshire, England. It carries the A10 over the River Lea, the New River and the Hertford East railway. It is a special place and I recorded its heartbeat.

On the 5th of August I was moved by the words of Italian architect Renzo Piano unveiling the magnificent Genoa San Giorgio Bridge, which is the replacement for the Morandi Bridge that collapsed in a storm almost two years ago.

Genoa San Giorgio Bridge, Genoa, Italy 5th August 2020

Renzo Piano’s speech was moving, he said: “I wish for this bridge to be loved”. Today, walking under the Kingsmead Viaduct in Ware, I thought that yes, we can love a bridge and suddenly the sound of traffic above became a heartbeat.

With the sounds of the bridge and fragments of Renzo Piano’s speech at the opening I created “The Heartbeat”. Listen to it (it’s on Tumblr).

You may also want to read a very short story by Franz Kafka. You will never look at a bridge in the same way.

Graffiti, Kingsmead Viaduct



Poetry, sounds & Co. I live in London and I love it.

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